Massel- the top choice for plant-based stocks product

Massel- the top choice for plant-based stocks product

Massel- the top choice for plant-based stocks product

Looking for a good plant-based stock to get you started on your soups and gravies? Look no further, for new plant-based stock and gravy products from a trusted Australian brand – Massel – is now available at The Plantbase Store


  • Why you should choose Massel plant-based stock
  • Massel plant-based stock product at The Plantbase Store

Why you should choose Massel plant-based stock

Quality ingredients in every Massel stock product

Massel is committed to using clean raw materials including premium vegetables and herbs, extra virgin olive oil. The sea salt ingredients especially. In Massel products, the salt comes from the cleanest ocean in the world - Great Southern Ocean.

MASSEL plantbased

Since 1982, Massel products have been certified as suitable for vegan customers. During the manufacturing process, the selected ingredients are guaranteed to meet international vegan standards and are environmentally friendly. Massel has also ensured there is no MSG or GMOs in any of its products.

Massel's ethical value to its customers

As an organization active in conserving the planet, Massel is always working towards a sustainable future through recyclable packaging as well as the use of palm oil where the production is environmentally friendly. Fun fact: Massel is a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).


Massel’s accreditations

Understanding customer health is the most important factor in each of its products. Massel is always upgrading production lines and product ingredients to meet today's most stringent standards, and over the years they’ve received a number of certifications to prove that:

  • Fully certified to Food Safety System Certification 22000
  • Fully certified to the ISO 22000 standard for food safety management systems
  • HACCP certification demonstrates our commitment to food safety
  • Fully compliant with the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

MASSEL product

Massel plant-based stock products at The Plantbase Store

If you find yourself interested in these products, you can either visit one of our stores in person or click here and be directed to our website where you can order online.