Portomuinos – Vegan and Organic seaweed brand

Portomuinos – Vegan and Organic seaweed brand

Portomuinos – Vegan and Organic seaweed brand

Dried Seaweed

If you’re looking for a new way to season your cooking, perhaps try dried seaweed. Here at Longdan, we sell many different types of dried seaweed, all of which are organic and vegan friendly. These seaweeds are versatile and can be used in many different dishes in different ways. For example, the Dried Kombu is salty and can be used in stocks and soups in combination with any other seasoning and vegetables, whereas the Dried Codium can be added to sauces, dressings etc. to finish a dish off. Of course, you can experiment yourself and find new ways to use the dried seaweed in your cooking!

All the dried seaweed is collected by hand in their natural environment and dehydrated at low temperature. The seaweed has a strong marine flavour and will surely add variety to your cooking!


Speaking of spicing up your cooking, these salts will add a new flavour each time you use them. These salts have added flavourings to them and can elevate your meal to a new level if you start adding them to your recipes. While I don’t suggest using them as a substitute for traditional salt, these salts can be used in combination with your normal seasonings to add an extra something to your otherwise boring meal. You can use them in any marinade, seasoning rub, or add into curries and soups you choose. They will all bring a new, special flavour to your meat, fish pasta or rice.  Flavours of salt include Curry, Sea Lettuce and Nori.

 Tartar Sauces

A new version of traditional tartar sauce is here, and good news! They are both vegan and organic, so you can enjoy it with no guilt whatsoever! Every pot of Tartar is ready to eat out of the jar and contains organic seaweed to bring a new texture, as well as different flavours such as Curry and Black Olive. Since these sauces are only base on traditional tartar sauce, there is something familiar but new at the same time, so really anyone can enjoy it, whether you like tartar sauce or not! Spread these sauces on a slice of bread and enjoy as a salty and delicious snack. If you’re feeling slightly fancier, you can use the sauce as a garnish on your meat, fish, or salads. Whatever you choose to do with the sauce, you can be assured it will always bring something new to the table.