The Best Quick And Easy Tofu Recipes Inspire You To Cook

The Best Quick And Easy Tofu Recipes Inspire You To Cook

Are you spending too much time for cooking? Here’re some quick and easy tofu recipes  that can help you save more time in the kitchen. They’re all tasty dishes and vegan friendly as well.

  • Crispy fried tofu

The fastest, easiest recipe to make tofu is deep-fried. But not every one knows how to make crispy fried tofu. All we need to do is coat your tofu with a mixture of cornstarch and salt. It will give the tofu a crunchy coating with great flavor. You can enjoy deep-fried tofu as its own course, served with a dipping sauce.


Ingredients used for crispy fried tofu:

Jan Jan Fried Tofu

Jan Jan Sliced Tofu

  • Tofu and Kimchi soup

This is a featured dish of Korean cuisine made with fresh tofu kimchi and scallions. Tofu and Kimchi soup is easy to follow and tasted delicious.


Ingredients used for Tofu and Kimchi soup

Kong Wah silken tofu

Jan Jan silken tofu


  • Crunchy tofu salad

Make salad recipe with crispy golden tofu and crunchy vegetables. This easy dish is vegan friendly and low in calories.


Ingredients used:

Fried tofu

BONSAN ORG Caesar Dressing Vegan

BIONA Organic Rapeseed Oil