Quick Vegan Roast Pork Recipe

Quick Vegan Roast Pork Recipe

Quick Vegan Roast Pork Recipe

Are you looking for a healthy dish with simple ingredients, easy to cook and have a good flavour? Let’s try with this vegan roast pork recipe. You’ll have a vegan dish in 10 minutes with the taste is so good. This easy and quick recipes is the best recommendation for a vegan beginer. It makes a good side dish with rice and salad.



  • STEP 1

Start by frying vegan roast pork until it is slightly browned both of 2 sides. Then remove from pan.

  • STEP 2

Heat 1 tbsp vegan oil in a frying pan and add the red onion. Fry gently for 1-2 mins until browned.

Mix soy sauce, water, sugar, red chilli together then pour this mixture into the pan and heat gently for about 2 mins or until thick and glossy.

  • STEP 3

Add vegan roast pork into the mixture and stir-fry for 2 mins or more until the vegan roast pork have softened, but still have some bite. Then add scallions, stir well. Serve with cooked rice or vegetable salad.